Welcome Class

South Hills Church is committed to helping Christ followers grow in their faith journey.

The purpose of the Welcome Class is to bring awareness to what we believe and who we are as a church. Pastor Phil will explain the SHC Statement of Faith, SHC Core Values, Baptism and Church Membership. The Elders, Ministry Staff and volunteer leaders will be introduced and will interact with class attendees. A light meal and childcare are also provided. This class is held 2-3 times throughout  the year.

During the meal time an Elder of SHC will visit with you to get to know your journey of faith better and to encourage you to take the next steps of involvement (get connected in a Life Group, serve in a ministry, sign up to be baptized, etc.). This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about South Hills Church that may not have been covered in the Welcome class. If you request membership at this time then the Elder will take your request to the next Elder meeting and share your desire. A letter of your membership status will be mailed to you after this meeting.

This class for new attenders of SHC is led by Pastor Phil and covers what we believe as a church, how to grow as a Christian, our ministry philosophy, and how to connect with the South Hills Family.

We are excited to get to know you and answer your questions about South Hills.

A light meal is provided.

Childcare is provided upon registration.

The Welcome Class is held in January, April and September followed by the Connections Class then the Masters Design Class.

The next Welcome Class is April 15, 2018.




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