Items to Bring with You

SHC Benevolence Ministry

Information Hotline 509.586.1857 (Note: Do not call the church office. Your call will be forwarded to this hotline)

Applications can be received the 2nd Monday of each month between 8:30 AM – 8:45 AM at the Family Life Center Doors.

Exceptions to these dates will be posted in the window by the church office.  This may occur due to holidays, weather, low funds, etc.


  • Arriving earlier will not increase your opportunity of receiving assistance.
  • Arriving later than 8:45 AM will result in not being interviewed or assistance considered.
  • Assistance will be provided only once in a 12 month period.
  • If an interpreter is required it is necessary for YOU to provide the interpreter

You MUST bring the following documents with you

  • Photo ID
  • Verification of all monthly income (this includes salary, food stamps, child support, state/federal assistance and other sources of income)
  • If requesting assistance with RENT it is necessary to provide:
  • Copy of Rental Agreement
  • Current written statement on letterhead from landlord of balance due (including past due amount if applicable and current month due)
  • Landlord name and contact information

If requesting other assistance it is necessary to provide current statement of outstanding balance    from the creditor and any supporting documents or information that verify your need.

Failure to provide these documents will result in not being interviewed or assistance considered.

Assistance request may not be changed after application received and interview held

No decisions will be given on the spot – You will receive a call after the Benevolence Team has met, discussed and prayed carefully over the requests.

If financial assistance is approved, checks will be delivered or mailed directly to your creditor(s) within a timely manner following your interview.






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