Middle School

WayVe Logo FINALMOTTO: Surging for the Savior

MISSION STATEMENT: Join with parents in the Gospel driven discipleship of their children.

VISION STATEMENT: Teach students to cultivate a relationship with Jesus in a loving, challenging, and joyful environment, which will enable them to boldly spread the Gospel.

WAYVE is high-energy and relevant to middle school students. Our goal is to expose students to God’s Word and allow them to experience serious transformation. Throughout the year we have camps and other events that draw students into our ministry and into a closer walk with God. Feel free to stop in and check out what is happening at WAYVE anytime!

  • Sunday School – Meet at 9AM in Room 210. Join us as we learn how to explore the Bible by breaking down the scripture from the Pastor’s message from Sunday morning.Bring your Bible!
  • WayVe MONDAY 6:30-9:00 PM We are getting into our Spark series with a new message about Forgiveness. ALSO- Check out the new WayVe store where you can purchase a T-shirt or snacks.

Along with our Sunday School and regular Monday night WayVe program, we structure our year around three kinds of events:

  • Invite Nights
    These are special theme nights in place of normal Monday night WayVe. They are outreach focused with more emphasis on group activities, games, and a salvation-focused messages. These happen most months of the school year (except November and March) and are an opportunity to invite friends to check out WayVe for the first time.
  • Fall/Spring Rogue WayVe Weekend (Register for Fall Rogue Weekend HERE)
    This is like an Invite Night on steroids. They go all weekend and include many of the same elements of an Invite Night (theme, games, worship, message, etc) only bigger. We invite professional guest speakers that give messages tailored for that weekend’s theme, we bring in touring Christian musicians to lead worship, and we play games on a level of epic proportions. We also add in a local mission element, where students can learn about local ministries outside of South Hills (e.g. Martha’s Cupboard, Grace Clinic) and share in their mission for a day. We try to keep these events relatively inexpensive to incentivize bringing friends.
  • Summer Camp
    This is our chance to re-energize and build our group. We try to make camp about challenging our students to try new things, rely on Jesus, and grow closer together. This last summer we went to Black Diamond Camp in Auburn, WA. It is an adventure camp where the students worked together to face obstacles and learned about our need to fill our lives with the spiritual food offered in Christ. Camp is the most expensive activity we do, but we also feel that it is the most immediately impactful.

We have several other events that vary each year, so keep an eye on the calendar to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Contact Pastor Doug for more information on the Middle School Ministry at 509.586.6101.





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