What is Celebrate Recovery?

The DNA of an Authentic Celebrate Recovery® Ministry:

  1. Jesus Christ is the one and only Higher Power. The program is Christ-centered.
  2. The Bible and Celebrate Recovery curriculum (the leader’s guide and the four participant’s guides) are used exclusively. The large group lessons are taught from the leader’s guide, keeping at least the acrostic and the Scriptures as the key points in the lessons. This is to keep consistency within groups, while allowing creativity for the teachers
  3. The ministry is “group based”. All groups are gender specific and use the group guidelines and format.
  4. The Celebrate Recovery “Five Open Share Group Guidelines” are implemented and followed.
  5. Accountability is to Christ, the local church and Celebrate Recovery at South Hills Church.


    • A safe place to share
    • A refuge
    • A place of belonging
    • A place to care for others and be cared for
    • A place where respect is given to each member
    • A place where confidentiality is highly regarded
    • A place to learn
    • A place to grow and become strong again
    • A place where you can take off your mask
    • A place for healthy challenges and healthy risks
    • A possible turning point in your life


  • A place for selfish control
  • A place for therapy
  • A place for secrets
  • A place to look for dating relationships
  • A place to rescue or be rescued by others
  • A place for perfection
  • A place to judge others
  • A quick fix


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