Global Partners

Meet our Global Partners 

Rehema Ministries, Instep Children’s Home -Kitale, Kenya
Calan School, Honduras; True Disciples Ministries – San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Ryan and April Beck–Unreached People Group in SE Asia / Ethnos 360
Clifford & Jennifer Luebben, Cebu, Philippines / World Venture
Brent and Chris R. – Asia/Pacific
Caleb & Jen Sapp – Plains Montana  / Camp Bighorn
Gene & Melba Morden – Turkana, Kenya / C.M.F.
Rene Chanco – Manila, Philippines / World Venture
Ed & Sally Luebben - STM Support / Architecture Development Trips -  Kennewick, Washington
Phil & Anita Paulsen, STM Support / Training National Pastors and Leaders
Caleb & Emily Arnold, Ethnos 360, Unreached Peoples in Mexico
Michelle H. - North Africa/Global - IDEAS
National Worker, SE Asia Unreached People Group
ABC Pregnancy Center

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